Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : Graduation Day!

My Little Angel "Ishi" on her Graduation Day!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mommy Moments #12 Summer Outing

Summer time! We don't have plans yet this summer. But I already brought new sunglasses for my kids. I also brought Ethan a swimming trunks. I didn't buy Ishi a swimsuit yet coz I think her old swimsuit can still fit to her.

We used to go to resorts every summer, my kids love to swim. We often go to Laguna hot springs with dad's relatives. We were staying overnight. Here's some of our pics in laguna in different resorts.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ishi Got "6 Awards" on Recognition Day!

This our very first time as parents to experience watching our child going up to stage and receiving an award. Ishi's recognition day was last thursday and we really reserved our time for this. Why not, this is a very special day for us. Our little girl seems to love the crowd clapping when the emcee called her name. If she's happy what more we are as parents? Daddy took a leave just to watch his little girl and I think he enjoyed that day.

This Saturday is another special day for her and for us too! It's her graduation day to be held at Max's Restaurant in Malabon. I know she was just "saling pusa" but we want her to feel her accomplishments in seven months straight of going to school. I am not expecting any honors to be awarded on graduation day, I am cool with what she got last thursday - Best in Arts and P.E., Best in Writing, Most Behave, Most Neat, Most Punctual, and Best in Attendance. What else can I wish for? I know she's not that active yet, her classmates were 1 to 2 years older than her, and she's not focusing yet in her studies. We just enrolled her because she said she wants to go to school already and we also wanted her to keep herself busy in school instead of watching dvd's all day!

And it's all worth it! I hope next school year, she'll be more focus and active. I cannot wait for tomorrows event, this is another "first" for us as parents...ISHI will be performing on stage. She will be dancing "sabay sabay tayo" and "I like You". She'll be performing a song too with her classmates of course. I hope she'll perform tomorrow (puwera sumpong). I am also excited to give her Baby Alive Go Bye Bye as graduation gift! =) Post her graduation soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All About Kids #1

Last night I was reading Amazing Life Cycles for kids - Mammals, Reptiles, Fish and Birds. I was discussing some easy parts to my three-year old daughter Ishi like where do fishes lives and how do they breath underwater...etc. Here's some of our question and answer portion after some discussions:

Me: Ishi san nakatira ang fish? (where do fish lives?)
Ishi : Water
Me: Panu nakakahinga ang fish? Anu gamit nila? ( How do they breathe? What do they use in breathing?)
Ishi: Sa Gills!
Me: Wow very good! E, tayo san tayu humihinga? (How bout us? Where do we breath?)
Ishi: Sa electricfan!

Hubby and I laughed very hard! This is funny yet amazing how kids think. How did she come up with the idea that were breathing in electricfan? Hmmm..maybe because there's an air coming out from it.

Another amazing answers from Ishi after this "Fish" topic.... I was trying to ask her some english questions....

Me: Ishi what's your favorite color?
Ishi: BLUE
Me: Why do you like blue?
Ishi: E, syempre!
Me: Hmmm...what is your favorite food?
Ishi: Fish
Me: Wow! Galing sumagot ng baby ko ah! Hmmm one more.....what is your....
Ishi: Banana (No question yet but she answered already, i dunno if she was anticipating that the next question is what's her favorite fruit coz banana is the one!)
Me: Wait I don't have question yet!

And hubby and I keeps on laughing again and again. Untill this morning when we woke up, we were still talking about it! Hay, our kids makes us so Happy everyday!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ishi and Ethan Adventure @ Gymboree Trinoma

After Hubby and I had mountain climbing adventure last last week, it's our kid's turn to have their adventure too! Ethan's Ninang Julliefer invited them to one hour play at Gymboree Trinoma. While waiting for Ninang to arrive, my kids saw the Merry Go Round and anu pa nga ba kundi nagpumilit na namang sumakay hehehehe =) Walang nagawa ang daddy kundi samahan sila. I feel dizzy that time that's why I didn't ride with them, I just took some pics again. They also saw yung mga fountains and they love to play with the water ahahahaha kaso sabi ko dirty kaya pinanood nalang nila. After some minutes Ninang was there na and we went to GYMBOREE!

They had so much fun and they don't even wanna go home yet after one hour or play. My kids really love slides and other stuff that was in there. Gymboree is different among all other play area IShi and Ethan have been. Gymboree play and music helps you and your child builds creativity, confidence and lifelong friendship. They also offered classes such as music, sports, arts, family and school skills.
This is a fun activity for my kids though it's too expensive compared to other play area, I wanted to go back there again if we have some sort of "extra" heheheheh =)

Toy Hunt : Disney Toys

I did miss the other week's theme....=( I am so busy doing some stuff now. Sometimes tinatamad dn ako mag blog =( My Laptop is retired already, my husband is now assembling a second hand desktop for me...and for the meantime I am using his Brand new Laptop. Hehehhehe =) So here's my post for this week's theme - Disney Toys!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mommy Moments : Bonding with Cousins

Hi there!!! My PC is not in good condition..my hubby said it has a virus. Thank God I still had a chance to post this week's theme - Bonding with cousins! I thought it is all about my kids bonding with their cousins only....I am not a good reader, I didn't read "siblings" in there, sayang I do have lots of pics pa naman ng kids ko together. Nweis here's mine.....

mommy moments

My kids love to play with their cousins..."sabik sa kalaro"! My kids seldom bond with their cousins from dad's side....they lived in cavite kasi. They only meet when there's an occassion like summer outing, birthdays and christmas. Their cousin's from my side naman ussually visits us at home kaya they were playing all day long. My kids were having fun playing with their cousins, sometimes they fight, you know kids....sigh! Happy Mommy Moments to all!!! God Bless!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sisterhood Award

Thanks Genejosh and Tetcha for this wonderful award....I really appreciate this! Thanks for treating me as one of your sister in blogosphere too!

Now you too could pass along this award. Just simply follow the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I wanted to acknowledge my sisters here in blogosphere and pass along this award to show that I appreciate your blogs, you show great attitude and it's a way of saying thank you for your tips, comments and love:

Ishi Idolized Marian Rivera

Ishi loves to dance, she loves most of Marian's dance hits. Her favorite is "SO SEXY", now she likes "sabay sabay tayo" because they were practicing it for their graduation presentation this coming March 28. She started to like Marian Rivera when she played the role "Marimar" in chanel 7 - GMA. She was imitating the dance steps of Marian as Marimar. Now that Marian has a new Telenovela- "Ang Babaeng Hinugot Saking Tadyang", we watched the very first episode of it with my daughter Ishi.
Too late when I found out it's not apropriate for kids, I did't react yet, I don't want my daughter to feel any malice about it. We just stopped watching and I said we're going to bed already. She didn't cry or something but before we go to bed, she asked me to dance Marian's dance...I dance "Marimar Dance" then she shouted "Hindi ganyan mommy...ganito" and danced na parang nasa club (Do you know what I mean if you have watched the first episode of it). Though it looks so cute to see my little Ishi dancing that way, I feel so guilty because I let her watched this telenovela. Did you know what's worst than dancing dirty dance? One day I was angry with her because of some silly things she have done, she was sorry and said "mommy kiss na tayu" (she's always like that when I am mad at her)....I kissed her naman kasi nag sorry na...I was shocked because she didn't gave me a smack kiss but a "semi adult kiss"!!! Do you get what I mean? As in yung parang ginagaya nya talga yung kissing scene nila Ding Dong and Marian!!!! Gosh naloka ako!!!! I want to get mad but since she was just a kid and ofcourse dhe didn't know what she did, I said nalang "yuck....laway!!! hindi ganun ang tamang pag kiss!", and she asked "pang mommy at pang daddy lang ba yun? at pang lola? at pang lolo?". I don't know what to answer pero sabi ko " yes pang adult lang yun, pag nakita ka ni daddy ng ganun pagagalitan ka niya!". After a week she did it pa rin...magalit na talaga ko...tapos ayun awa ng Diyos d na niya ginagawa ulit. Iniiwasan ko nlnga talaga makapanood siya ng ganung mga eksena kasi big girl na....nanggagaya na talaga. Kakatakot! Hay!
How bout you mommies? Me anak na ba kayung ganito? hay kakaloka! 3 years old palang eh kung anu anu na ang nakikita....hindi namana ko mahilig manood ng TV ngayun kaso sa gabi kasi naka TV na ang mga lola! Sigh!

LP : Paboritong Alahas

Ang aking anak na si IShi ay hindi mahilig sa anumang alahas....ngunit nang siya ay nag flower girl nung nakaraang Pebrero, tuwang tuwa siya sa isang set ng alahas na ito na binili ng kanyang Lola Mama. Isang necklace, isang bracelet at isang pares ng hikaw. Hay, ang mga babae nga naman. =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ishi Danced "Sabay sabay Tayo"

I am so happy this morning....my Little girl participated in their dance practice today and she really gave her best shot! I am so amazed....they started practicing last Wednesday, she's attending practice but she's not dancing that much and she actually has her own choreography! Hahahhahah! I am letting her do what she wants, but we have a deal, I'll be buying her "Baby alive Go bye bye" (I already had it at home nakatago! shhhhh...) if she dance on her graduation day. I think she was motivated because of the doll. She have seen it in internet and she really wants it! Hindi ko nga lang alam kung hangang kailan nya yun "gusto" ahhaha you know kids pag bigay mo ng bagong toy ilang araw ang napag sawaan na! Anyway, basta kahit saglit lng siya masaya masaya na din ako ehheheh =) I hope she'll dance sa graduation nya heheheh =) Kasi parang kahit di sya magsayaw bibigay ko din nama ang doll so better magsayaw sana siya kahit saglit lang hehehhe. Nweis here's her video while practicing ....


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LP : Polo

Narito ang aking lahok sa Lingong ito - Blusa o Polo na siya namang tamang tama lang sapagkat kadadalo lang namin ng kasal na mag anak. Flower girl ang aking anak na babae at coin bearer ang aking anak na lalaki. Ako naman ay isang dakilang alalay ng aking mga anak....bisitahin nyo po ako dito sa isa ko pang LAHOK. Salamat po!

Narito ang barong at polong pang ilalim ng aking anak na si Ethan noong siya'y coin bearer.

Wordless Wednesday : I've Got My "Baby Alive Doll"

Yey! Just Got my "Baby Alive Go Bye Bye"........

Our Graduation Gift to our daughter Ishi...hope she likes it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Introducing "Princess Ishi's Diary"

I decided to make a separate blog for my daughter Ishi, I wanted to make a blog on her own in a diary form though I am still the author. I wanted to compile her activities.....she will start her real schooling next year, I wanted to blog her experiences, her adventures, her schedules and even her beginnings like when she was still a baby. I am so excited hope I could make it. I am not satisfied with my first blog "My Little Angels", i am not supposed to mixed it with things that are not related to my two kids. But since I am accepting "opps", it's all ready mixed up! Anyway, here's my new blog........ "Princess Ishi's Diary".
I am still designing a badge for her...here's one of my first trial.......


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ishi's Future School

Finally my husband and I finally decided to enroll our daughter to La Calebera Montessori in Malabon City. Enrollment is after holy week....were already decided coz Ishi seems to love there! She joined sit in class yesterday, friday 10am to 1pm but since were only sit in, we stayed only untill 12nn. I can't enumerate my basis why I love there but one thing is more important to us, we want our daughter to enjoy her class. I hope she could really enjoy there soon and learn things we're expecting her to learn.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Toy Hunt : Toys with Letters and Yellow Toys

Oh gosh I am kinda late na naman!!! =) Here's my post for last week and this week's theme ......

"toys with letters"


"yellow toy"

meet my daughter's Dora The Explorer in her yellow dress =)

Good day everyone!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LP : Bag

Kung ang aking isang lahok ay tungkol sa aking mga bags, ito naman ay ang ilan sa mga bags ng aking panganay na si ISHI! Tatlong taong gulang pa lamang ay madami ng bags. Kuha pa ito noong nakaraang taon, disyembre, sapagkat nilabahan ko sila para pagsapit ngbagong taon ay malinis ang mga ito. Sa ngayun, ay mas nadagdagan ang kanyang mga bags dahil sa lumipas na kapaskuhan. Hay, napakasuwerte ng mga bata ngayon, samantalang ako noong bata ay nag iisalang ata ang aking bag! =) Maligayang LP!!! Bisitahin nyo na din po ang aking isa pang lahok DITO. Sali na!!!

If my other entry is all about my bags, this time I am posting my daughter Ishi's bags! She was just 3 year old girl but look at her bags! This was taken last year, december, I was about to wash them. At this moment my daughter has some more additional bags she received last christmas. Hay, kids were so lucky nowadays, If I am not mistaken I only remember having only one bag when I was a kid! =) Happy LP!!! Please visit my other ENTRY! Join us now in LP!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : Mc Donald's Day!

Mc Donald's Day is My Little Angels Day!!!!

Beware Paypal Members!

Saturday evening (February 28), I checked out my emails...... there are comments to my blogposts, Paypal payments, updates from other blogs I subscribed with, and the never ending notifications telling me that I won from this and that thing-y! Oh, how will i get rid of those emails! Everyday, I am receiving not lower that 10 notifications from different email address stating there that I won into something. I know those were not true....whatever their agenda is, I don't care I just delete them immediately! But this one caught my attention, PAYPAL(?!?) sent me an email with this content :

click to enlarge

This is convincing, I really thought I won 500 dollars already! But when I tried to claim my prize, they were asking for so many infos like my credit card number and even my PIN. See pic below.

click to enlarge

I emailed Sweetytots about it so someone could at least help me double check if it's true. I don't know how to check it but I had a feeling that this is not true and this is just one of the spammers / scammers using the internet to abuse people like me. Sweetytots checked the link given in the letter and she found out that the website is not existing. Oh God, how come the link is automatically directing to PAYPAL's site if it's a FAKE notification? Does PAYPAL know that someone was using their site? And if ever I really won how come they were asking for my credit card number and PIN??? Oh gosh, I am confused! I didn't claim the $500 prize because they were asking for credit card and PIN, good thing I don't have one heheheh!
I am not really sure if this one is true, I just wanted to warn PAYPAL members! If somebody wants to give their opinion about this please feel free to leave a comment.
And oh, one thing more, I just received another notification today (march 3) from PAYPAL again. Here's the screenshot.....

click to enlarge

This one came from a different email address - office@paypal.customercenters.com
while the first one came from this email address - administrative@paypal.administrative.com

Oh please somebody help me, do you think it's true?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waaaaaaaah......Lost my PR2!!!!!

Wah!! I am so devastated today!!! Just checked "My Little Angels" to post some blogs and I saw my PR went down from 2 to 0!!!! What the heck happened? Oh Gosh! How will I ever gain it back? huhuhuhuhuhu!!!! What did I do wrong Mr. G? Why di you take it back? Huhuhuhuhuhu!!! Is it because I am not joining memes anymore and nobody's visiting me now? I must admit I've been busy these past few weeks and not joining meme's on time maybe that's why some participants didn't bother to check my post anymore! Hay, I should try to get back my page rank soon! How bout you? Did you check you PR already?

Monday, March 2, 2009

LP : Bulaklak

Ito po ang lahok ko sa linggong ito na pinamagatang "bulaklak". Bagamat nahuli na, ako'y hahabol pa din! =) Inantay ko pa kasi ang dinaluhang namin ng kasal noong ika 28 ng pebrero...."flower girl" ang aking anak na babae at "coin bearer" naman ang aking anak na lalaki. Ito ay mahalagang araw para sa akin sapagkat ito ang kauna-unahan nilang pagsali sa wedding entourage! Napakasaya ko bilang ina at super eksayted!!! Sa temang "bulaklak" ikinagagalak kong ipangalandakan sa mundo ang aking anak na si IShi bilang isang "flower girl"!