Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ishi and Ethan Adventure @ Gymboree Trinoma

After Hubby and I had mountain climbing adventure last last week, it's our kid's turn to have their adventure too! Ethan's Ninang Julliefer invited them to one hour play at Gymboree Trinoma. While waiting for Ninang to arrive, my kids saw the Merry Go Round and anu pa nga ba kundi nagpumilit na namang sumakay hehehehe =) Walang nagawa ang daddy kundi samahan sila. I feel dizzy that time that's why I didn't ride with them, I just took some pics again. They also saw yung mga fountains and they love to play with the water ahahahaha kaso sabi ko dirty kaya pinanood nalang nila. After some minutes Ninang was there na and we went to GYMBOREE!

They had so much fun and they don't even wanna go home yet after one hour or play. My kids really love slides and other stuff that was in there. Gymboree is different among all other play area IShi and Ethan have been. Gymboree play and music helps you and your child builds creativity, confidence and lifelong friendship. They also offered classes such as music, sports, arts, family and school skills.
This is a fun activity for my kids though it's too expensive compared to other play area, I wanted to go back there again if we have some sort of "extra" heheheheh =)

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