Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waaaaaaaah......Lost my PR2!!!!!

Wah!! I am so devastated today!!! Just checked "My Little Angels" to post some blogs and I saw my PR went down from 2 to 0!!!! What the heck happened? Oh Gosh! How will I ever gain it back? huhuhuhuhuhu!!!! What did I do wrong Mr. G? Why di you take it back? Huhuhuhuhuhu!!! Is it because I am not joining memes anymore and nobody's visiting me now? I must admit I've been busy these past few weeks and not joining meme's on time maybe that's why some participants didn't bother to check my post anymore! Hay, I should try to get back my page rank soon! How bout you? Did you check you PR already?


Genejosh said...

hi..sorry to hear read your sentiments...you know I don't know my PR?..he..he..i still don't know how to install it in my blog...

Enchie said...

You're not alone Jes. Mine went from 3 to the BIG-0.I was warned na before by Architect about this. It changes daw talaga depending on the blogs activities.

Lalaine said...

mine was fro PR3 to NA!! huhuhuhu!!! so sad..I wonder why my travel blog got penalized..

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