Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All About Kids #1

Last night I was reading Amazing Life Cycles for kids - Mammals, Reptiles, Fish and Birds. I was discussing some easy parts to my three-year old daughter Ishi like where do fishes lives and how do they breath underwater...etc. Here's some of our question and answer portion after some discussions:

Me: Ishi san nakatira ang fish? (where do fish lives?)
Ishi : Water
Me: Panu nakakahinga ang fish? Anu gamit nila? ( How do they breathe? What do they use in breathing?)
Ishi: Sa Gills!
Me: Wow very good! E, tayo san tayu humihinga? (How bout us? Where do we breath?)
Ishi: Sa electricfan!

Hubby and I laughed very hard! This is funny yet amazing how kids think. How did she come up with the idea that were breathing in electricfan? Hmmm..maybe because there's an air coming out from it.

Another amazing answers from Ishi after this "Fish" topic.... I was trying to ask her some english questions....

Me: Ishi what's your favorite color?
Ishi: BLUE
Me: Why do you like blue?
Ishi: E, syempre!
Me: Hmmm...what is your favorite food?
Ishi: Fish
Me: Wow! Galing sumagot ng baby ko ah! Hmmm one more.....what is your....
Ishi: Banana (No question yet but she answered already, i dunno if she was anticipating that the next question is what's her favorite fruit coz banana is the one!)
Me: Wait I don't have question yet!

And hubby and I keeps on laughing again and again. Untill this morning when we woke up, we were still talking about it! Hay, our kids makes us so Happy everyday!

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earthlingorgeous said...

Very bibo ang iyong daughter ah :) Good job! Haaaaaaaay how I wish I'll have intelligent conversations like that with my daughter but oh well she is smart in her own little way :)