Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toy Hunt : Disney Toys

I did miss the other week's theme....=( I am so busy doing some stuff now. Sometimes tinatamad dn ako mag blog =( My Laptop is retired already, my husband is now assembling a second hand desktop for me...and for the meantime I am using his Brand new Laptop. Hehehhehe =) So here's my post for this week's theme - Disney Toys!!!!


Joy said...

They are CUTE,, love the Minnie Mouse too!!!!!
Hello Mom Jes,,, may you have Lovely Day!!!!!

pehpot said...

Hi Jess.. after reading your
toy hunt entry naalala ko meron din sila ng ganyan.. eyore is so adorable no.. :)

by the way ano nga ulit ym mo?
mine is peh_cats

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