Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beware Paypal Members!

Saturday evening (February 28), I checked out my emails...... there are comments to my blogposts, Paypal payments, updates from other blogs I subscribed with, and the never ending notifications telling me that I won from this and that thing-y! Oh, how will i get rid of those emails! Everyday, I am receiving not lower that 10 notifications from different email address stating there that I won into something. I know those were not true....whatever their agenda is, I don't care I just delete them immediately! But this one caught my attention, PAYPAL(?!?) sent me an email with this content :

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This is convincing, I really thought I won 500 dollars already! But when I tried to claim my prize, they were asking for so many infos like my credit card number and even my PIN. See pic below.

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I emailed Sweetytots about it so someone could at least help me double check if it's true. I don't know how to check it but I had a feeling that this is not true and this is just one of the spammers / scammers using the internet to abuse people like me. Sweetytots checked the link given in the letter and she found out that the website is not existing. Oh God, how come the link is automatically directing to PAYPAL's site if it's a FAKE notification? Does PAYPAL know that someone was using their site? And if ever I really won how come they were asking for my credit card number and PIN??? Oh gosh, I am confused! I didn't claim the $500 prize because they were asking for credit card and PIN, good thing I don't have one heheheh!
I am not really sure if this one is true, I just wanted to warn PAYPAL members! If somebody wants to give their opinion about this please feel free to leave a comment.
And oh, one thing more, I just received another notification today (march 3) from PAYPAL again. Here's the screenshot.....

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This one came from a different email address -
while the first one came from this email address -

Oh please somebody help me, do you think it's true?


Azumi's Mum said...

oh no... spammers are everywhere. Buti na lang di mo pinatulan, i think meron na pumatol dyan, naku why would they ask for your credit card if you won a prize diba? thanks for the info

Babette said...

This is a scam. Sad to say there are a lot of scammers out there. That is why you should be careful and do not divulge any information. Don't click on any link in the email. What you can do is go directly to and if you have any messages from them you'll see it in your inbox.

makabloglang said...

Tsk...Nakow! It’s also happened to me similar story but different spammer. From Western Union, they had sent me an email stated there that i won $5000USD and ready to pick up it at any western union outlet. They had given me the MTCN# and other details to claim it and suggesting also replying them as soon as i encounter problem. I was so surprised then, but i felt curiosity and in doubt if it's really true. So, i verified it to western union website money transfer and found there that there's no any existing transaction of the MTCN# given. SAYANG NOH...KALA KO TOTOO NA...BUT IT WAS GOOD NA RIN KZ...DI AKO NAGPADALA...NDI NA AKO NAGREPLY BACK.