Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is School Bus Safe for my Angels?

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I have this mixed emotions for my kids. Like what I said school is coming so soon and they are going to be far away from me for more or less than eight hours, huhuhuhhu now I am starting to have this 'separation anxiety' thing! Oh I hate this thing to happen but we don't have a choice for this is what we really need to do. Send kids to school and stayed there for almost whole day every day. I will surely miss them! I don't know what will our set up gonna be since husband doesn't want me to use his car so I have nothing to do at home but wait and do the things I am doing everyday like a hook, line and sinker. I cannot able to fetch my kids, I will just have to wait. Ahhh I wish I could buy another car soon! For now, the best thing I could do to lessen my separation anxiety is to get them a phone if possible so I could be able to call them every time I want to ask how are they in school. They can also call a friend living just near their school when needed. A phone will surely be very useful to my kids for everything you need was there. You can call, text and picture message unlimited! Good thing there are offers like this >>>

This is one of my choice right now, but I have to ask the school first if they are going to allow phones for kids.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Little Angels School Time

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Finally!! School time! I am both excited and nervous for my little angels.  I received a letter from my son's school it's stated there that they are going to start on 17th of August!  IIt's going to be my first time to let them in school alone. I used to stay in their school until they finish their class. I know it's different now, I can't do it anymore coz life here is different. Good thing my friend introduced to me the new trackfone just right for kids. I can use those phones to track my kids. I can give each of them for it is very affordable despite of having so many features!! They can easily call me if they need to, wherever they go like when if they have activities, no worries with the signal coz it was proven with good signals. What I love about it is that they have very affordable monthly plans. Really perfect for my kids! If I have this stuff then It is easier for me to calm down and ease my paranoia. I don't know how I will overcome this separation anxiety of mine to my children. I wanted them to be an independent kids but I am so worried about them being away from me especially for a whole day in school! I really need to have this phone before the classes starts.  

I want to share some of the real TracFone customers review for more information...please take time to watch!

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My Little Angels in America

I have mention here before that this blog is my first blog ever, even though i bought a Domain for this already, still I can't let this go. This is so memorable to me and I love the header that I make here. I am not that good in making lay outs and editing and SEO Services or any Online Marketing but I managed to gain PR or page rank of two for this site. But that was before, the PR was back to zero again and I am still trying to get it back. But then again, when this site has no PR at this time, I still love this and I am still maintaining this site just to preserve my old posts about my angels. I may have bought a new domain for this and change the title to My Little Angels in America  because we just moved here, I still love looking at this site, reading my old posts about my angels. My Little Angels in America is still about them but ofcourse these are their adventures here in Arkansas already. Their new environment, new friends, new school and new toys. It still includes their daily experiences and adventure. I am so excited for my kids for they are now exploring new journeys. I can't wait to post their daily experiences in school soo.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Personalizing my Discount Living Room Decor

Guest post written by Natalie Brown
I'm pretty big on getting the things that I want at a steep discount. I'm not necessarily that way when it comes to medicine or other things that really matter when it comes to quality. I'm talking about furniture, books, DVDs, stuff like that whose quality doesn't really vary all that much. I recently redecorated my apartment and thought that it was about time that I make my decor look like me rather than just some random typical big box type of interior design. So I'm taking what I have and trying to make it that much better with some really cheap design tweaks.
I used my best resource, the internet, to come up with some really great ideas for really cheap. While I was doing that I ran across the website and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to change over my home internet service to it.
One of the easiest things that I've done so far is sewing together some simple pattern throw pillows that I made with some really great patterned fabric that looks exotic. It really adds a different feel to my ho hum couch.