Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Little Angels in America

I have mention here before that this blog is my first blog ever, even though i bought a Domain for this already, still I can't let this go. This is so memorable to me and I love the header that I make here. I am not that good in making lay outs and editing and SEO Services or any Online Marketing but I managed to gain PR or page rank of two for this site. But that was before, the PR was back to zero again and I am still trying to get it back. But then again, when this site has no PR at this time, I still love this and I am still maintaining this site just to preserve my old posts about my angels. I may have bought a new domain for this and change the title to My Little Angels in America  because we just moved here, I still love looking at this site, reading my old posts about my angels. My Little Angels in America is still about them but ofcourse these are their adventures here in Arkansas already. Their new environment, new friends, new school and new toys. It still includes their daily experiences and adventure. I am so excited for my kids for they are now exploring new journeys. I can't wait to post their daily experiences in school soo.

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