Friday, July 31, 2009

Dad's (Bonus) Gifts to Our Kiddos

Daddy just got his performance bonus...hooray for I am actually worried last week because our budget is very budgeted! Thank God He gave us this blessing, some for our savings (for our condo Processing fee), some for my kiddos needs that we cannot afford to buy if we only rely with my husband's salary and some for hubby and I's Birthday this August. We're not going to have a party, we just wanted to celebrate our birthday maybe with the kids and with some close friends. We are not going to buy any material things except for our kiddos. I bought (using dad's money) my daughter some blouse coz most of her tops do not fit to her anymore. I also bought (using dad's money...again) my son a black pair of shoes for his uniform. I am so happy I bought them what I really wanted to buy for them last week. I just can't buy them that time yet because I don't wanna spent all our money and left nothing for emergencies. You know how important it is to save money for emergency (even though we don't like them), that's why I am really thankful to Him for this blessing! God knows how much we need it! Hope to have more blessings to come this year =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Done with My 10th Photobook =)

Yeah, you heard read it right! I have finished my 10th photobook, 7*5 61 pages entitled "Daddy in Finland". I supposed to add it on artscow latest promo, 1.99 for 20 pages and the next order will be 4.99 still free shipping. But since the pages turned out that budget is no longer enough for it. I am planning to have it printed soon if there are new promos again. For now, I still have to work on my 7th and 8th photobooks first. My 4th and 5th orders aren't shipped yet, I am so excited to see it already! Hope to have them soon! =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Artscow Crazy Offer

Hi guys! I received another crazy offer from artscow last weekend.... a 7*5 photobook of 20 pages for ony 1.99 FREE shipping!!!! I didn't waste time and hurriedly tried one. To my dismay I forgot that I only have 1.50 dollars in my paypal account, what a bummer! Even I finished my 7*5 photobook in a short period of time, useless coz I will not be able to order it yet, though I have nothing to worry with the expiration date for it will last until August 15 and my collectibles from paypal will be ready by Aug. 8. I still had time....but I can't wait for another 1 week to purchase it....thanks to my kumareng Julliefer for offering some help ehehheheh =) I think she totally understand my situation! Ahahahhah! Thanks you soon! She also loves photobooks it's just that she has no time for it.
Now, I want to share my 9th photobook project.....PLAY TIME @ TIMEZONE! Yes this is my 9th photobook project but my 7th and 8th aren't printed yet. I still have to work for those two. I just wanted to try this new product of artscow.....

7*5 Front Cover


and some of my fav pages ....

Wanna Try one too? Click HERE!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mommy Moments : First Steps

Wow we're talking about milestones here! I love milestones! When I first had a baby I am so excited with such things, I always had my cam at my side (analog pa noon!), I am reading a lot of stuff just to know when will they possibly do their firsts mile, first poop and all! Let me share my kiddos' first steps....

Ishi's first step was when she was only 9 mos old...

Ethan's first step was during his first birthday celebration....

Hope to share more milestones with you...=)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introducing my Son's New Personal Site - Prince Ethan's Journal

Hello everyone! I just want to introduce my 5th blog site - My son's site - Price Ethan's Journal! Just like my daughter, I want to post their everyday experiences, their journey, their dreams, their milestones and even their beginnings individually. I just wanted to share how happy and contented am I with my kiddos! Hope to see you in my kid's site visiting and commenting too! Thank you very much!!!!

Here are my blog's URL and history if you're wondering why I have 5 personal blogs and 2 commercial blogs already...

My Personal Blogs
My first Blog - My Little Angels (
This is my first ever blog, ISHIETHAN is my kid's name combined Ishi and Ethan, I started this last september 2008. I am blogging their milestones, their everyday experiences. Since this site is supposed to be their site only, I thought of creating another one foe my self...

My second blog - Me, Myself and Jes (
This second site of mine is actually my personal site, but since I am accepting paid blogs, it's already mixed up just like what happened with my first site. Since those two we're already mixed up and everything, I decided to make IShi my daughter her own site ...

My third blog - Princess Ishi's Diary (
This site a personal site of my daughter ISHI, I decided to start this when she started to attend school already. Even I registered this for paid blogging, I am not mixing anything that is not related to my daughter's life. I am only choosing opp that is really fit and related to my daughter's everyday posts. This is her daily diary posted by me of course, I am hoping that soon, Ishi will continue writing in this blog too. I may not good in writing in english but I really love to have this site for my daughter. Speaking of "english" problems, sometimes you want to blog things that are really hard to translate in english, I really love to write an article, stories or anything under the sun but I am having a hard time writing it in English that's why I decided to create another blog ...

My fourth blog - 'Wento La 'Wenta (
I am not writing too much in this site....I am only posting things here when I am not feeling well, when I am pissed off, when I am depressed or sooo happy! Sometimes when you're overwhelmed, you love to write it in tagalog. But since I am blogging more about my kids, I have no time for myself anymore, I am blogging some stuff about myself only when I remember them. The most important thing for me is to blog things about my kids, to watch them grow and atleast know their milestones, accomplishments and everything about them. My son is also studying as "saling pusa" that's why you can't blame me if I also made him his own blog site...

My fifth blog - Prince Ethan's Journal (

My Commercial Blogs
House Finder Philippines (
Ishiethan's Store (

Hope you understand fellas =) Hope to see yah in those sites sometimes especially my kiddos sites. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am glad someone has remembered me even though I am not bloghopping this past few months. Since classes started, I am very busy with my kids already. I have to wake up so early and after my daughter's class at 11am, I feel so sleepy and tired already. No time for blog hopping, no time for mommy moments entry and everything. I am also not in the mood to finish my photobooks sometimes. So please bear with me mommies....I missed you already!

Thanks Chris for these awards....

Here are the rules for the Adorable Blog Award:
1. Include the award logo in your blog or post.
2. Nominate as many blogs which you like.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I would like to pass this onto: Seiko, Enchie, phepot, bambi, genejosh, onlinemommy, jona, laine, willa, yami, and liza

and thanks also to ENCHIE for this one of a kind award...

I would like to pass this award to Chris coz aside from being nice, she is also very creative in thinking our weekly theme for mommy moments.

Working on My 7th and 8th Photobooks Project

I am so excited with my 4th and 5th photobook to arrive, I submitted them last July 1st and I am expecting them so soon, I am so excited to show them to you guys! I have 1 pending photobook ready for printing but so sad I can't have them print yet because I don't have paypal money at the moment! I don't have an opp for the past few weeks so no expected paypal money for photobooks yet. I am still hoping to receive opp soon so I have to work with my photobook projects first while waiting for blessings. Now, I am working with two photobooks, my wedding and my daughter's first birthday. I am working with any of them according to my mood =) I don't know what to do with my wedding phootbook, I feel like doing it in adobe photoshop and make some effects but I am not that good in that yet! Hope to get some help from my fellow bloggers who are expert in digiscrapping. Help me guys!!! =) Anyways, while waiting for someone's rescue, I'll work with my daughter's 1st birthday first! Good luck to me!!!

1st Photobook
Ishi's 3rd Birthday
8*8 39 pages

2nd Photobook
Ishi's First School Experience
8*8 39 pages

3rd Photobook
Simply Monica
8*8 23 pages

4th Photobook
Christmas and New Year
8*8 100 pages

5th Photobook
Super Ethan's Turns One
8*8 60 pages

6th Photobook
Summer Vacation in Manila '09
8*8 23 pages
finished but not yet printed

7th Photobook
Princess Ishi on her First Birthday
8*8 60 pages
on going project

8th Photobook
Jes Love Jay-r
12*12 60 pages
on going project

Monday, July 20, 2009

IshiEthan's First Movie Experience

Ishi and Ethan finally have experience to watch movie in theaters. Their first movie - ICE AGE 3! =) Here's some of their pics....

daddy and Ethan buying tickets

Here's our first ticket =)

pic with ur first movie =)

pic inside the cinema..(no flash because mommy is hiding our cam from the guards)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mommy Moments : Play Time

Hello fellow mommies! It's good to be back! I missed this Mommy Moments very much! I missed you all! Hehehhe =) Here's my entry for this week's theme, all kids favorite...Play Time!!!
I always had a playtime with my kids every day. I am spending few minutes with them playing everyday. Aside from watching TV, they really love to play. And aside from playing inside the house, we also love bringing the kids in the park. Their favorite park is far from our place but we are still going there when they want to play in that park. Sometimes we're just going to Mc Donalds just for them to play if we can't go to their favorite park. They love the Mc Donalds' Play land in North Edsa. They are also playing in some play area for rents in the mall but not that often.
Now that school days began, we're not going out to play already. We're just staying at home during weekdays and trying to go out during weekends. I think my kids were enjoying their class duirng friday because it's PE day and it's also play time for them. Ishi's first play time in school is so memorable for her because it's her first time to play ball with other kids. Today is Friday and PE day again, I just don't know if they can able to play outdoor because of the weather. Yesterday was raining again and Ishi is freezing inside their air conditioned classroom that's why she always had her ugly sweater with her. I think I should buy her another jacket so I don't have to wash her jacket everyday. I have seen lots of jacket in the net like Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Mens Ugly Sweaters. They're so cute and ugly! ehehheh =) Anyways back to our topic, here's some of my kids pictures during their play time....

That's all for now fellow mommies! Hope to see you again next week! Miss yah!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Blogging Career

I just started blogging last September 26, 2008, I just had an idea about it when I read my sister in law's blog. I really love her personal write ups. I love the way she write. This is actually my dream, to write and to share my ideas to other people but I don't have the courage to start it that time. Until I read Julliefer's blog and until she told me about earning money while blogging. I am really interested in making my own blog site and write about anything, it's just that I am afraid to receive criticisms for I am really not good in english. But the idea of making money while blogging really pushed me to start blogging already. And then I started to ask so many questions to Julliefer. I have learned so many things when I started to blog, thanks to Julliefer for sharing her knowlegde on how to blog, how to put a link, how to make a header etc, etc. After three months I started to earn dollars online.

my PPP page and my earnings for 7 mos

It's been 10 months now since I started blogging, now I can already shop online using my paypal money and got addicted making photobooks. I really love blogging while earning money! I am really happy I am into blogging! I am really satisfied I am making my own digiscraps/photobooks! I am really glad coz I've met so many friends in blogosphere! Hope to earn more and win more friends!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My 5th Photobook Done!

Hi guys! I am really having fun making my photobooks in artscow, guess what it's my 8th order already!I think artscow should give me some loyalty discounts now hehehe what do you think guys? Ehehehhe I am also very thankful to those I invited to join artscow and tried ordering too! I've already earned two free 8*8 39 pages photobook coupon. I already use the other coupon for my 5th photobook order - "Super Ethan Turns ONe".This is the compilation of my Son's first birthday. Click the pic below if you wanna view it. I am done with my 6th photobook project already, my cousin's "Summer Vacation in Manila" next to "Simply Monica" but I am not placing order of that yet because I don't have paypal money right now. I actually borrowed paypal money from Chris for my last order. Thanks Chris, surely pay you next week =)
Now I am working with my 8th photobook project - "Our Wedding Day" I don't know yet the title, I am still thinking of something original not just the word "Noble-Lising Nuptial" I want to make it more like a story book =) I am not sure but I am still working on it. Just keep you posted ehehehhe =) Nweis, that's all for now, hope you enjoy my photobook and tried artscow too! Good day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Came Home From The Hospital

My husband and I rushed our daughter Ishi to Chinese General Hospital just this morning. She's been vomiting the whole night. We're so worried coz whenever she eats or drinks something her stomach seem not to like it, she still blows it. We arrived at the hospital at around 9am having a fever of 39 again and she just blew the Milo drink we just gave her this morning. I thought she's gonna be confine but thanks God she's not. She didn't blow the paracetamol the nurses gave her and the food she just ate after the paracetamol. The Doctor advise us to go home already and buy the medicines she prescribed to us. We're home now and Ishi is taking her rest. Hoping she''ll be fine soon.
My husband and I were so worried about another thing, financial matters. Most of the families I know were having a problem with this. Emergencies like this were given so we really have to prepare for this. And that is our problem, we're not ready for emergencies like this though we're expecting it. We're actually worried about our condo's processing fee on 2010 and now comes another thing to worry. This is more serious coz It's all about my kids health. If this happens you should have enough money for hospitalizations. I think my hubby and I needs to find an investor leads already. We need to save for our kids health. Gosh, this is very hard for me. I am just praying to God to please help my kids to have their full recovery. He is the only one who can help us during these times.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good News About My Photobook!

I just said to my last post that I didn't catch the promo for my 100 8*8 pages photobook, after I posted that, I did still finish it even though I know I will not catch the promo anymore. After I finish it, I still tried the coupon and I was surprised it worked! Hooray! I ordered a 100 pages 8*8 photobook for only 24 dollars free shipping with an original price of 69 dollars shipping fee included! I saved 45 dollars even I spent 300 pesos for computer rental =)

And now, I am finishing my son's first birthday photobook while waiting for the delivery on 3 weeks =) Thanks artscow for accepting my expired coupon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Didn't Catch The Deadline =(

I was trying to catch artscow promo of 100 pages 8*8 photobook for only 24 dollars. That is only until June 30, 2009 and today is July 1st already! I rented pc for 7 hours a day just to catch this up coz my pc is under repair, and I did that for two days so sad I still didn't make it! Sigh! How come I am encountering some problem loading pictures with artscow. Does it make any difference if your photos were too many? I am so disappointed why I have to encounter those problems especially now that I am hurrying and catching something, this is unfortunate! Huhuhuhuhu!