Friday, July 31, 2009

Dad's (Bonus) Gifts to Our Kiddos

Daddy just got his performance bonus...hooray for I am actually worried last week because our budget is very budgeted! Thank God He gave us this blessing, some for our savings (for our condo Processing fee), some for my kiddos needs that we cannot afford to buy if we only rely with my husband's salary and some for hubby and I's Birthday this August. We're not going to have a party, we just wanted to celebrate our birthday maybe with the kids and with some close friends. We are not going to buy any material things except for our kiddos. I bought (using dad's money) my daughter some blouse coz most of her tops do not fit to her anymore. I also bought (using dad's money...again) my son a black pair of shoes for his uniform. I am so happy I bought them what I really wanted to buy for them last week. I just can't buy them that time yet because I don't wanna spent all our money and left nothing for emergencies. You know how important it is to save money for emergency (even though we don't like them), that's why I am really thankful to Him for this blessing! God knows how much we need it! Hope to have more blessings to come this year =)


pehpot said...

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Enchie said...

ok lang if you use daddy's money. and we don't go shopping naman evryday :D

Chris said...

wow, blessings nga! :D

Seiko said...

Belated Happy b-day Mommy Jes!