Friday, July 10, 2009

My 5th Photobook Done!

Hi guys! I am really having fun making my photobooks in artscow, guess what it's my 8th order already!I think artscow should give me some loyalty discounts now hehehe what do you think guys? Ehehehhe I am also very thankful to those I invited to join artscow and tried ordering too! I've already earned two free 8*8 39 pages photobook coupon. I already use the other coupon for my 5th photobook order - "Super Ethan Turns ONe".This is the compilation of my Son's first birthday. Click the pic below if you wanna view it. I am done with my 6th photobook project already, my cousin's "Summer Vacation in Manila" next to "Simply Monica" but I am not placing order of that yet because I don't have paypal money right now. I actually borrowed paypal money from Chris for my last order. Thanks Chris, surely pay you next week =)
Now I am working with my 8th photobook project - "Our Wedding Day" I don't know yet the title, I am still thinking of something original not just the word "Noble-Lising Nuptial" I want to make it more like a story book =) I am not sure but I am still working on it. Just keep you posted ehehehhe =) Nweis, that's all for now, hope you enjoy my photobook and tried artscow too! Good day!


Momma Bams said...

wow naman... addict lol.. nakaka addict naman talaga eh kaso nakaka isa pa lang ako =(

ok na ba si ishi? hope shes fine na

onlinemommy said...

Go!Go!Go! Mommy!

I have an award for you here

I am looking for your mommy momments entry eh...

See you around!

pehpot said...

nakakainis ka at pinakilala mo sa kain ang arts crow.. for sure pag labas ng next baby ko super addicted na rin ako making PB.. haha

sa Saturday ha.. 10 AM on Trinoma.. wag na wag kang mawawala

ey by the way I need your help:
help me a win a mac and you will win too

Make or Break

Joy said...

Ang sipag mo naman ,,, Good on yah!!!! me I havent finish yet,,, not even 1 photobook although I have thousand of pics!!! Waaaa!!!!! pa hawa naman ng kasipagan from you!!!!!!! Enjoy

Enchie said...

idol na idol kita!

Enchie said...

thank you for introducing artscow to us!

Chris said...

go Jes!

galing mo na!

Chris said...

by the way, alin ang tinatanong mo kung libre? :D