Thursday, July 30, 2009

Done with My 10th Photobook =)

Yeah, you heard read it right! I have finished my 10th photobook, 7*5 61 pages entitled "Daddy in Finland". I supposed to add it on artscow latest promo, 1.99 for 20 pages and the next order will be 4.99 still free shipping. But since the pages turned out that budget is no longer enough for it. I am planning to have it printed soon if there are new promos again. For now, I still have to work on my 7th and 8th photobooks first. My 4th and 5th orders aren't shipped yet, I am so excited to see it already! Hope to have them soon! =)

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Jacris said...

So cutie cute cute!!!You are so artistic love your photobook galing mo mare Btw i have an award for you here