Monday, July 20, 2009

IshiEthan's First Movie Experience

Ishi and Ethan finally have experience to watch movie in theaters. Their first movie - ICE AGE 3! =) Here's some of their pics....

daddy and Ethan buying tickets

Here's our first ticket =)

pic with ur first movie =)

pic inside the cinema..(no flash because mommy is hiding our cam from the guards)


Yami said...

Wow Jes very memorable sa mga kids ang experience na 'yan. Maganda lahat ng kuha niyo. :D

Turuan mo naman ako how to make those cute layout designs sometime ha. Thanks! :D

Chris said...

ang galing mo mommy, na capture mo lahat.. na inspire ako to make a mommy moments about "first" milestone :D

Enchie said...

Nice noh? my son loved it too! at buti naka picture ka :D