Thursday, June 9, 2011

Document Processing

PhotobucketI finally applied for a bank account, look at my ATM card, it looks like Hello Kitty is one of their affiliates, just kididng about that. I was just amazed coz you can put a character in your ATM card. I'm finished with my SSN, then bank account, next to be accomplish is my EAD and driver's license. We can't process our EAD yet because there are thing we are prioritizing first. Kids are going to school this school year and we have to settle the things they need first. I know getting a job is supposed to be my priority but in our case, it's not the priority. We have to first, make sure the kids are going to school and when they are going to school already then that's the time I could arrange our schedule. And the next thing I will be doing when our schedule is all set and I have my job, I will be applying for my own credit card. Gosh, there are lots of thing I have to do but so little time. I wish to accomplish every documents i need.

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