Friday, May 27, 2011

Daddy Needs a Break

Husband told me that he wants to have a vacation.  I am so sad not to help him with our expenses, I am dying to have a work already and give him some self catering holidaysHe deserve a rest, he is working too much and all I can do for him is cook his food. 
Someday I will be the one bringing him to paradise like those holiday villa in West Sussex in South East England. I am reading different holiday reviews  about this place and they are all  breath talking! I wish to go to those wonderful places even for just 3 days or week and enjoy the holiday cottages  they are offering.
Soon when I have a job, I will surely save for travels and leisure. I will definitely bring my family in one of the most wonderful places. I know travel and vacation is a bit pricey but It is worth to give yourself a break sometimes. 

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