Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keep Yourself Healthy

Kids and I were just at home all day. We don't have a television nor wii, we only have our computers to entertain us. My kids were sometimes watching in the computer all day or played with their toys while me was sitting in front of the computer blogging, surfing, sometimes watching too after washing the dishes we used during breakfast.
 I just notice our routine is no longer good for our health! I 'm afraid we will become obese like others someday when we continue this kind of habit. I saw most of the kids now were obese and I am so afraid that to happen to my kids so I thought of giving ourselves some time to exercise. One form of exercise is dancing. We usually just searching a song or a dance tutorial over the net and follow the steps and dance. And that's it! 
One more thing I could do is give my kids a proper diet and supplements. My mom in law always giving us herbal supplements like those Herbal City LLC was selling. Herbal City LLC sells herbal products for mood enhancement and are now selling the the hottest Rave Herbal Powders, mood enhancers like Rave-On, Go Fast, Rave Nights and more! 

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