Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kiddos Needs Physical Examination

NRG 2 Patch Pocket Kimono Notch Neck Wrap Top (Medical Scrubs) 41157My Little Angels are now enrolled and soon to be going to school this year but there's two more requirements we need to submit- an ITIN and their physical examination. We were processing the ITIN already but not yet with the medical examination. We haven't found a clinic where to get this medical exam yet coz were just thinking of getting a health card first. When everything is ready then that's the time we were going to choose a clinic or a hospital where my kids could undergo physical examination. My kids have this trauma with doctors due to immunization thing-y so I wish to find a child friendly clinic like a pediatrician where the doctors and other clinic stuff wears colorful grey's anatomy scrubs, That can help kids lessen their frights with doctors aside from those toys and other entertainments inside the clinic. There are also barco scrubs with character or shape designs I used to see in some clinics and my kids love it. I wish my kids would participate when their physical examination scheduled soon. I have no idea how that physical examination for kids. I wish there no needle involve. My kids have this too much injections already. They had this monthly immunizations last year coz we catch up on their other immunizations that wasn't given on time. They also got too much injection from anti rabies because they were twice scratch by a kitten. I can totally understand why my kids don't love mych to go to doctors.

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