Thursday, May 12, 2011

Looking for Health Card

We badly need a health card already. My kids needs physical examination as a requirement before going to school this coming school year 2011-2012. Not only because of that but we really need to have a health card right? I looked over the net already and saw many of them offering affordable rates and plans. I just don't know which is better for us. When you are applying for health card, most questions asked if you are smoking, I guess maybe because it's really hazardous to your health. Good thing husband is no longer smoking or year now. I am also into cigars before but eversince I got a baby, I stopped already so that's 6 years ago.So i guess we will not be having any problem in getting health card right? I wish we could find an affordable one for our family. We can't afford to get a hi end health card so we just need the standard one. I also wish to look for an affordable plan that has dental services in it. It's very important for us to visit the dentist most of the time. We will surely find one soon! Good luck to me!

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ghdelizo said...

here, check our health card benefits at:

not only do we offer annual physical examinations for all ages, but free unlimited primary care consultations as well.

hope to be of service to you soon :)