Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Need Another Car

Ever since we arrived in Arkansas, and met ANDY - our car, my little angels fell in love with her. Andy is our first car . It's daddy's first investment as a contractual employer in US. Daddy said Andy is his baby so my little angels claiming it to be their baby sister. They are very concerned about her and even helping daddy to clean their baby sister. So sweet, isn't it? Andy is our only car so we were using her most of the time. And I guess we need to add another baby in the family. I need to have my own car too!
I am hoping we could get one soon so I would have something to use when I get a job. It's hard when we were using one car only. The kids are soon to go to school this coming school year. My 4 year old son needs to be fetch unlike my daughter who can use a school bus to go to school and back to home. So I was thinking of having my own car already. I've talked to a Florida Hyundai Genesis Dealer already and inquired about hyundai genesis sedan and there were lots from Hyundai Genesis Inventory to choose from!  Iam not sure when can we afford to buy another car but I am looking forward to it. I think we need to earn more before we could get another car.

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