Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Need A New Laptop

 My ACER Aspire 4530 laptop is now more than two years with me. My laptop is my partner in my business, if not with my laptop I can't be able to sell house and lots and condominiums before. This has been my greatest asset for having a sales. I love my laptop. But it seemed it's saying goodbye to me already. I am so worried about my laptop giving up on me. I didn't even have a chance to buy accessory for my laptop, I was thinking of buying a  horizontal sleeve for it but how can i do that id it's about to leave me now? Now that I can feel he's leaving me now, I am thinking of buying a new one in case. But I guess I would be having husband's laptop since he wants to buy a MAC book or an IPAD. If that would happen then I should buy an accessory for it like the vertical sleeve. I am so guilty I am not giving such accessories to my gadgets. If daddy will choose to buy an ipad, I know what present i could give him on his birthday, an iPad sleeve

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