Friday, May 6, 2011

Berkeley Residences House Warming Party

I am so excited when my mom-in-law told me about our condo building being blessed last month. My mom-in-law is our SPA special power of attorney representative, she's the one processing everything with regards to our condominium. Before we come here, I was able to visit the condo for inspection. It's our first investment so expect me to be so excited and appreciate everything about it. Our unit is just small and has a 22 sqm floor area. One bedroom, one toilet and bath, with a small living room and a kitchen counter. It's already livable, painted already, has a door, has a hardwood floor , has a shower already but no heater yet and a sink.  Just as small as that but it's a treasure for us already. The building held it's house warming and my in-laws attended it. The turn over will be this month and I can't wait to finally start to earn income in ti. I am planning to have it rented this coming school year and I am praying for a possible tenant!

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lisa said...

Congratulations for having your condo. I have my new home and now I know exactly how I'd decorate it,
and it would have a lot of white walls and hardwood floors like yours.

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