Friday, April 29, 2011

House Maintainance

We were just renting a unit in an apartment here in Bentonville. We were lucky coz every maintainance needed in the house is free like when your faucet is not functioning, etc. just the cleaning is all you have to do. I wonder how it is to have your own house and how you maintain cleanliness and orderliness in each every part of the house especially now that's consistently raining here and it's messy everywhere because of the muddy streets outside.

We have some friends here owned a house already and they really need a help when they need to fix or clean something in their house. Like the very wide carpet in each floors of the rooms, I am using vacuum when cleaning ours and that's already hard, what more if you have 4 to 5 rooms with carpet? Not to mention cleaning their so many furniture. I am wondering how they could manage all of that?

If I am in that situation, I'll probably just hire a professional like residential carpet cleaner austin that can offer anything you need and let them do it for me. I am not used to cleaning big house yet maybe that's why it's better not to have our own house yet. I should practice first with our apartment. Do some do-it-your-self cleaning and maintaining.

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