Sunday, April 3, 2011

Giving Personalized Gifts

I wanted to make photobooks again but it requires money to be able to print it. I don't wanna make digital photobooks without printing it so better not to start it. I also miss ordering personalized things for my friends and for my kids like personalized tote bags and kids bagpack.
I remember the last gift I gave them were personalized coin purse and shopping bags, I am glad they liked it. I like giving gifts that are personalized, I really love it! I wish I could make some more for them but I have now my priorities, I can't just spent money for these items for there are more important things that I have to prioritize first in our house. First we need to buy additional appliances for our house or save for the things we really need like dallas lawn maintenance.
No matter how I wanted to make stuff I used to do before, I can't do it now. I wish I could have a job sooner so I could choose and buy what I want.

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