Friday, April 8, 2011

Mommy Moments : School Break

mommy moments

Kids finished their school earlier than the scheduled school break in the Philippines, now that were here in Arkansas we will be stocked in the house for more than few months before going back to school again. We missed the most fun season in the Philippines, the summer break! We all love summer even though the sun is as hot as hell! Why not if we can do many things during summer, right? My kids love swimming, they are actually waiting for summer. Right now, our summer plans were cancelled since it's not summer here, it's spring time! Almost like summer but there were times that it's still cold even it's sunny day. There is a swimming pool within our village and my kids kept on requesting to go swim already(without knowing that they can possibly freeze there).
Plans, as I've said no plans yet for summer :D For now, our plan is to stay at home, play with the kids, watch, maybe teach them some art activities or cooking stuff. I wanna bake with my kids but there are lots of thing we need to invest first, so maybe that's the last thing on my list.

Happy Mommy Moments! :)


chubskulit said...

Buti pa dyan sis warm na, mukhang enjoy na enjoy na mga bata... Dito super lamig pa kainis.. Did I asked for your address yet? if not email mo ko hehehe.. Sensya na ulyanin na ang lola..

Di pa rin ako makaaccess ng wp blog haizzzz,,

Dhemz said...

dito naman sa TX super hot hot na...87 kami today...para kasing pinas ang weather dito.

at least jan bonding with the kids...oh, baking is fun! welcome to the US pala...:)

parehas kami ni sisRose.

nuts said...

i suggest you buy baking untensils na and start baking, it is a good hobby too and share me ha pag me recipe ka. :)