Friday, April 1, 2011

My Little Angels New Friends

For our two weeks stay here in AR, my kids seem to like it in here. They love the house, the weather (not for me) and the surroundings. They love to go out and run around the village, but sometimes the weather is not good for them to stay outside the house. My kids loves to go out, mingle and play with other kids that's why we are bringing them to the park, bringing them to dad's pinoy friends and meet other people.

My kids are not hard to get along, they were friendly, and they were happy to meet their new friends here...

Meet the 'KUYA's,' (big brothers) they are the sons of dad's Pinoy friends/office mates.

My angels met them two weeks ago in a party and they got along well. They played with this bay blade thing and they enjoyed it.


kids @ play


the BOYS room

after the other visitors left, Ishi was the only girl in the house so she chose not to mingle with the boys

MEET Tanya...


kids running around the village

Tanya is our neighbor from the ground floor of the apartment, she's an Indian but an American Citizen. She seem kind so I am hoping they will become good friends. Ishi was visiting her sometimes.

I am hoping they would meet more friends soon!

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