Monday, December 22, 2008

WS : Lots of Blessings for My Lil Angels

Christmas is really coming ....few days left and it's already Christmas!!! I am so excited! I know Ishi will enjoy Christmas this time...she knows that Santa will give gifts, and papa Jesus will grant her Wishes. I wrote her Wishes and posted here. I'm so excited for her to see her wishes came true!
It's few days more go to before Christmas, yet my Little Angels received lots of gifts already, from Christmas party, from mommy and daddy, and from Lola Mama. And another Blessings came along last Saturday....


Lolo Obet's (lola mama's brother) pasalubong to ISHI and Ethan came along from Saudi... they were so excited with the M&M's. Hmmm I am excited with the toblerons too!
That blessing doesn't stop that morning, at night we attended christmas party in our church....Tita Letty gave them a gift, as well as Lola Minda! We were so tired that evening, but my little Angels were stll full of energy untill we go home! 11pm when we arrived, my cousin in-law gave me this package (delivered thru AIR21) ....

My PRIZE from Sweet...Pretty... Naughty... Give away!!!!

As I've said in my last posts, sweetytots will be giving my prize in advance so that I can give it to ISHI this christmas. Thanks Sweetytots! It's too early than I expected! And ISHI can't wait for christmas anymore coz she knows all about this contest hehehe and she wants me to win that prize! Then there she goes, she opened it up and play with it laready....she's very happy and excited!!! I'm so happy that I wont in this contest! I will surely join another commenting game!!! Hehehhee =) Is there anybody who has a contest like that?!? Please notify me! heheheh =)

This is my little angels weekend snapshot! Advance MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!


Lynn said...

I think that magnetic dress-up bear is a good give away for kids. I did not see that when I scouted for gifts.

Enchie said...

Wow sis! just in time for xmas!!! your angels are truly happy :) Advance Merry Christmas!!!

pining said...

what lucky little angels you have :-)
I'm sure your little girl can't wait to get her hands on that prize!

Merry Christmas to you and your family... I've got an award for you by the way!

sweetytots said...

thanks for posting. Im so busy this holiday season, im a little late in posting this"thank you" for joining.. lets see tomorrow if you'll get the bonus prizes.. im glad your ishi loves the toy.

Sherry said...

great pics,they are so happy. oh yeah my contest will be start 31 dec. Prize of entrecard credits, ad space. You have sign up for entrecard??