Thursday, November 20, 2008

SweetyTots 2nd Giveaway!

Another giveaway from Sweetytots - 1 month free membership @ Kids Ahoy!

Which Includes:
Play time: 4hours free play/mo at the Kids Ahoy Creative Play Shop (Q.C)Available weekday play hours 10-12nn, 1-3pm or 3-5pm, or Saturdays 10am-12nn Learn/Study Time:
5% discount on Kids Ahoy creative, fun programs
Reading Time:
use of reading room (for in-house reading only)
• Certificate of Membership, ID card
• Subscription to monthly e-newsletter : Forum, kid-related news, events, product reviews, updates.
• 5% discount on Kids Ahoy products
• Profile picture & info inclusion online (database of kiddie talent pool)
• Priority invitation on Kids Ahoy Trailblazers Club exclusive activities/programs

Whoa, my kids would love I wish I could win this time.
Ishi and Ethan loves to play so much, they we're playing in some play area inside the mall but not too often coz of the price. You know how much per hour is that and I have two kids not to mention the additional payment for one adult to look for my baby boy that's only 1 year old, ( kids under 3 years old need chaperon inside) that's why I'm dying to win this price hehehe =)

To join, visit Please include my name "Jes" with your comment. It's for additional points. Thank you very much! Have Fun!


Enchie said...

good luck to you sis!

sweetytots said...

Hi Jes, thanks for joining.

I just have a few corrections, first, Im giving a way just 1 month free membership, not one year..

2nd. to vote all you have to do is go to (a link is provided in the blog) and rate little J picture. On the upper right corner, look for Jea Espino and as you click on the link my daughters picture will appear and rate (button is on the lower left corner) I hope you rate 10.

If you have other questions.. jst comment on my post. Thanks

Liza said...

hi jes! thanks for adding me, in-add na rin kita ;)


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