Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holloween Party @ Dad's Office

Halloween Party again!!! Hooray!! I love to join my kids with this kind of activity. This is fun fun fun! I love to see them wearing costumes even they we're so irritated with me forcing them to wear it heheheh!
Ishi and Ethan wore the same costume, the ones that they've used and won the "Best in Costume Award" @ Huggies Halloween Party - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes. We also invited Aliyyah, their cousin, she wore Ishi's apple costume (she used in Greenwich workshop last summer).

There they go.....the programme begins!

The hosts were calling each participants to introduce their selves and receive the 1st give away lootbag. Then had some games....my kids were not in the mood, they were sleepy and doesn't want to participate in the games.
My little Ethan can't resist to sleep while Ate Ishi was busy with her "ice candy?" i dunno how to call that food, wathever! Hehhehe =)

There she go....still busy with "that" thing hehehe and roaming around while the program is still on going.
Maybe this was the part that Ishi has been waiting......look at her, ready to collect chocolates and candies, it's time for TRICK or TREAT!!!! Hoorray!!!

Will I ever forget this part? Picture Taking!!! SMILE!!!!

The Last part of the programme.... anouncing the "best in costume" winner and giving another give away lootbag. Weeee......lots of give aways! Thank you POINTWEST!!! Hope to see you again next halloween party! =)


Strider said...

That was a fun filled Halloween Party. Welcome to Wordless Wednesday & Thanks for dropping by.

Enchie said...

ang cute naman...I wasn't able to bring my son to a halloween party this year.