Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spa - A LittleTreat for Myself

I have a tripping this Saturday and Sunday with different clients and projects. I am so happy that I could finally get into this stage. I have lots of inquiry but some of them were not responding after you emailed them what they need like sample computations and pictures of the houses. What I am happy about is that I have some clients that is actually interested and asking to see the site. That's a positive sign for me. I am aiming to close these deals on saturday, if ever they would not like the place then that is beyond my control.
I am so emotionaly stressed out due to some disappointments and frustrations these past few months but I am getting over it, I am starting to have positive views. And if ever I could be able to close even 1 deal this month, I will surely give myself a treat! I would love to go to salon and spa. I want some relaxation! I've been dreaming of it, I never had a chance to let myself experience it even for once! This is one of my new year resolution, to give my self a little treat!


Anonymous said...

go go go mommmy! gie yourself a spa treat. it will surely do good on your body and mind. break that stress and negative feelings. also i hope that you be able to close a deal soon. good luck!

Enchie said...

Go Jes! You greatly deserve to have some relaxing, fun, me time :)