Thursday, January 22, 2009

House and Lot after our Condo Unit

As a property consultant I have seen different designs of houses that pushes me to sell more properties so we could finally get our own house. We can't afford to get one yet because as I've said from my older posts, we we're still paying our condo unit. But since my husband and I were already planning to get our own house soon, I am searching for a good location and good designs already. I want a not so big house but spacious, sometimes it's not how big the floor area is but it's how you arrange it. I want something like in Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate. If I could be given a chance to buy a high end house, I want 4 bedrooms and 1 maid's quarter. One for my daughter, one for my son, one for us and 1 guest room. I am also dreaming of a swimming pool and garden. I want a big entertainment area inside the house since we all love dancing and singing. Ahh, if there's such thing as free in this world, it is the one called DREAMING.

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