Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogging while Earning!

I've been blogging for four months now and I can say that i am really enjoying this! I love expressing my thoughts and feelings, i love meeting new friends from different countries. This blogging thing has a really great impact to my life. I have learned so many things from blogging, some tips from your co bloggers, some technical things that has something to do in your blog or apply to your blog. Like how to install this and that. The bonus here is that, you can not only just express your thoughts and ideas, not just meet new friends but also, EARN from it! Isn't great? Enjoying while earning? One example is PAYING POST, it was very easy to register. Just chose from the category if you're an advertiser or a blogger then fill up the required information. If you were like me then chose blogger, and start blog advertising now and earn cash! There are three ways to earn, first, you can post your honest reviews about the certain product or company that was assigned to you. Second is that you can register to their affiliate center and let people know about them and have them sign to payingpost and that's it, you can easily received payment when that blogger made his first post aproved! Last but not the least is allowing the advertisers to contact you directly. This is such a nice opportunity for us moms who cannot go outside the house because you cannot leave your kids with the nannies.
For the advertisers, register to payingpost now and let the bloggers like me buzz your product!!


OMM said...

cool! this is a good example of mixing pleasure with business hehe. you get to enjoy blogging and earn at the same time. is there something cooler than that? :

Twinkie said...

Hey Jes, I'd click this post as many times as I need it. :D