Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NEW BOOKS for my Little Angels

One of my plans this year, is to buy my kids a book at least once a month. I want them to start reading books and LOVE reading books. I started buying this month, look what they've got!

This is the latest one, I bought it last sunday. I was waiting for my boss in National Bokstore and I saw this Fairytale Treasury Book part four. There are part 1 to 3 i didn't buy them yet, maybe next payday. =)

This one is for ETHAN, Little Genius ABC. I bought this one last week. We already have an ABC book, the one ISHI had pa when she was on Ethan's age. But I don't like that one coz it's not that attractive.

And last but not the least ISHI's favorite character as of now... Tinkerbell! I bought this book A Guide to Pixie Hollow the last time I brought ISHI to national bookstore also last week. She also wants to buy Wall-E activity book but it cost 500 pesos and I can't afford it yet. How I wish I could buy anything they want. Maybe If I could sell lots of house and lot this year, I could be able to buy them what they want. =)
I'm still waiting for my prize from Sweetytots next week - 5 pop up books and 3 kimposible activity books. I am so excited about it, I was wndering if what kind of books are those.


Twinkie said...

I can not emphasize how important books are be it bought or borrowed. Nice one Jes!

sweetytots said...

how much did you pay for the ABC book, i got discounted price on that.. sayang di bale..see you next week and hope you like the books I'll give you.