Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WS : 2 days bonding with co-blogger Pheng!

Pheng who used to be my husband's boss in his first job , became my son's godmother and my so called "tutor" in blogosphere now. She's like a tech support to me hehehe =) She's good at computers so instead of asking my husband who's also good at computers but always busy, I prefer to ask her nalang since she has experience in blogosphere.
Last Saturday my husband, our two kids and I went to their house in Caloocan so we could give each other's(child) gift. We didn't able to visit her last christmas because we we're both busy.
We had our lunch there (thanks pheng for preparing nuggets for my kids!) and my kids make kalat Djuan's toys all over their room (sorry for that). My kids had a great time! So sad Djuan has to sleep already that time that's why they didn't able to play longer together.

pics taken inside
Pheng's room:

(pheng, her son djuan and my son ethan)

My kids

Djuan and my daughter ISHI

And Last Sunday, we attended hubby and pheng's former officemate's wedding at Gazebo Royale. I love to attend weddings that's why I asked my hubby to wait for me (i had tripping first that day). Thats why were together again ahhahaha! I had my chance to ask about blogging again ahahahh! We took pictures again together and also with my hubby's boss now and his wife who happened to be my boss also in real estate heheheh. I had a great time in that wedding, I love christian weddings! And I love "love stories"! Visit my other entry for weekend snapshot!

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