Saturday, January 10, 2009

Toy Hunt : Small Toys

And here's my other entry for this week's theme - small toys!!!

Ethan's small CARS

These cars came from different people. It so happen that they were all tiny! They were like 3 inches only. Hehhehe I love small things like this but I hate it when I am packing away their toys coz they were so small. I am having a hard time looking for them ehhehehe =) You know my kids were so makalat!!! =)


pining said...

upon seeing these pictures, my little one shouted "cars!"
yes, he's crazy about cars too, yun nga lang ang mga anak ko masyadong makalat rin!

Joy said...

Colorful,,, Jes,, what car is that PINK one.... yan agad ang napansin ko,,,,

pehpot said...

oh cars! my second boy calls that cars with mouth LOL

pehpot said...

I hate that part too.. kainis specially when you stepped on them.. ouch!