Monday, January 5, 2009

My Little Angels Had a Page Rank!!!!

I have read Sweetytots blog about her page having a PR (page rank). I am very curious about this PR thing-y and i don't even now what a page rank can do to your blog....hmmm...I think I am learning so much from blogosphere. Here's what I did, I searched this Page Rank they were talking about and found out this site I am not a kind of person who loves to read that's why I didn't find out about it earlier.

I am so very happy to see that my Little Angel blog has a PR too!!! Wow!!! And It's already PR2 if I am not mistaken. Look at this page heheheh =)

Sad part is that my other blog Me, Myself and Jes has no PR yet! Anyway, I didn't expect any PR anyway so I am thankful about it!!! Thanks G! Love yah!!! =)


Enchie said...

im happy for you Jes!

Chris said...

wow :) coangrats....