Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moms Hindrance in Making Money Online

Ahhh It's been a week since the first time I saw an opp suited for me in PPP. That time I saw three opps, all you have to do is reserve that opp and they will give you six hours to write about it. I got only one from those three. Why? Because no. 1 I am not good with computers yet. I know how to put links but I still encountered things I am not familiar with. Good thing Hubby was there to help. But too late because the other opps were gone!
This morning I saw another 2 opps! And I am like cramming and panicking just to grab those opps immediately coz probably they will last only for few minutes and they are all gone! ahahhah! The opps cost $6.75 dollars this time. Same problem with my first time. HTML code again!!! I asked my husband what to do coz I don't now what he did the last time. So I knew it now! But the other problem is no.2 my son Ethan is very makulit. He keeps on climbing up on me, touching my laptop while I am doing the second opp....and when I am submitting it already...something happend and I cannot direct to the page already!!! Oh my God.....I've waited for seconds, went to the PPP page again where i can submit my post and it's gone as usual! =( Now my post is in my draft again! I grabbed only one opp again for the second time!
Hay! What else can I do if I have to take care of my son Ethan while my daughter ISHI is in school with my mom? That's life....That's why I chose to stay at home while working right? Because my priorities are my kids...I hope I wouldn't forget that! =)


sweetytots said...

me too, i missed 1 opp.. syang!

Chris said...

its okay.... :) when its meant for you, it will come again :D

i have an award for you

Enchie said...

More will come Jes!!! baka even better or bigger :)