Tuesday, December 7, 2010

17 Days before Christmas!

I was again starting to become so busy! Holidays are coming, parties and events are everywhere! I have so much things that I wanted to do but I feel like I am cramping again and panicking :))
This December we have so many things to do, we have to prepare for gifts, join Christmas parties not to mention the kids' activities in school!
I went to SM Manila today and shop some things for husband and I's god kids, nieces and nephews and some for my kids's classmates and friends. I have no budget actually for gifts but I still have to do something about it, so I bought simple gifts only. Not so galore this time.
If I were in US already, I'm sure we're not be able to give gifts anymore because I'm sure our expenses there will not be the same as here in our country anymore. So I just thought that this will be our last (for the meantime) Christmas gifts to them so why not give something right?
Oh, I am imagining now what will me and my family be doing in US during Christmas since they don't have holidays there like in the Philippines (day dreaming). Maybe we can still celebrate it during weekends, we can go to the parks or go to a camping like what Hoseasons Self Catering Holidays was offering.
Enough with the dreaming...let me focus on what I have today!! I have to wrap gifts tomorrow!! I love wrapping gifts!!! But I still have to go back to the mall next time coz I didn't finish my list yet :P

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