Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yes to SOYAMI!

My kids are picky eater. They only love to eat when foods are chicken nuggets with particular brand or corned beef. If these two are not their food, they'd rather have bread with their favorite spreads or sometimes biscuits for breakfast or lunch. They also wanted to eact chips but I don't allow them. We don't have chips at home coz I am not into chips. And as much as possible I don't want them eating chips too. But my kids discovered a healthy and delicious chips they began to love. It's SOYAMI, with endless health benefits of Soya, rich in fiber, high in protein and no msg! My blogger friends gave my kids these chips and oh my, they love it! My kids are not eating taho for 'I don't know' reason but they are eating SOYAMI now! At least if they wanted to eat chips, they can have a healthier one already. I wanna try their new flavors too! SOYAMI is now available in selected leading supermarkets such as Robinsons Supermarket, SM Snack Exchange, Puregold, Hi top, Land Mark, all Fitness First branches, and next month at Rustans, Shopwise and other supermarket.

My Ishi busy with her 2nd SOYAMI pack :D

My Ethan enjoying his SOYAMI :D

They are busy....

I'm a mommy NO to CHIPS but YES to SOYAMI ;D

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