Friday, February 18, 2011

My Little Angels in School

It's already 4th quarter of school days...they are soon to be finished and my kids will finally get a break they have been waiting for.
We will soon be leaving for US this March so they will be having their exam earlier than the set date. I feel like my kids are feeling so tired already but when they are in school, they don't even wanna go home playing with their classmates. My kids are still so hard to wake in the morning, they are still late every morning. My mom and I were both pressured in the morning. They were so hard to bath, feed, and all. I wish they would change their style when we get to US.
With regards to their performance in school, they were not in the top list but they are doing well.
Junior Advance Casa or Kinder 1's subject quite hard now just like this easter revision courses london, but my Ishi seems doing good so it's alright with me but I hope she would work harder next time.
My Ethan is hard working student, he may have some mood swings but he's doing good.
I am proud of my little angels, I wish them to learn more things in their future 'new school' in US.

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