Friday, February 4, 2011

34 Days to go...

Few weekends left and we will be with Dad very soon.
My kids missed Daddy already. I feel so excited yet nervous. We we're not packed yet for we still have few weeks left to use our stuff. But I already have my list of the things we need to bring such some of their clothes and toys, vitamins and some first aid medicines etc. I am also preparing the things I have to dispose already instead of getting them stocked in our room. Don't bother to ask some coz most of our stuff are junk.
We only have few weeks left, 34 days to be exact, I feel like time is getting so little and little and I feel like I still have things need to do but I am panicking and dunno what to do first.
While I can't think of the things I have to prepare, I decided to use my first week of February visiting some of my friends and relatives after kids' school. Yes they are still busy with their studies until before the day of our departure.
So last Tuesday, we visited their Lola Ming (Lola sa tuhod) in Hermosa, Tondo. They seldom see their Lola that's why their Lola was very happy to see the kids.

Lola Gay and Kids

Lola Ming(lola sa tuhod) and Kids

The next day, Wednesday, we visited Aunt Beng in 2nd Ave. before she fly to QATAR and then we headed to Velasquez, Tondo to visit one of my friend and have them meet my kids in person.
My kids enjoyed watching TV with the other kids there but we have to go home early coz Mama has to attend her prayer meeting that night.

Kids and their Lola Beng

from left: Ethan, Tita shiela, Ishi and Sky (shiela's daughter)

Thursday, we visited Tita NORA in Dapitan. one of my blogger friend and the closest one. My kids loved her not because of the spaghetti she cooked for us nor pizzas she ordered for us but because of the toys she let them played. They really enjoyed their visit there, Nora's daughter and my kids played together, painted together and watched TV together. Now my kids are asking me to bring then back there. You have to be ready Nora. We will soon be raiding you again :D

Our Kids :D
Ethan, Ishi and Ate Jill

Kids enjoying Ate Jill's toys

Kids painting

Ishi and NORA and Kids :)

Kids before going Home

Then today, Friday, I bought my kids to their Pediatrician and got their 2nd VARICELLA shot. Tomorrow is another busy day for us, Ishi scheduled for her 2D Echo with his Pedia Cardiologist.
This was only the beginning of our busy weeks before our flight. Can't wait to end it and finally fly to US!


nuts said...

omg, your tita was not ready for pictorial.. lol

Tetcha said...

You're doing a sweet thing by visiting relatives and friends, Jes, before you finally go to the U.S. with your hubby. Nakakapagod, I'm sure, but all worth it in the end! Glad to see you again at the event last Sunday.