Friday, February 6, 2009

Mom's Self-Maintenance

I am not the type of girl that is so called "high maintenance". Boys used to call girls "high maintenance" when you love to go to parlor, spa, loves shopping, buy expensive make-ups, buy expensive perfumes, etc. I am living in very simple ways, I only love to buy cheap bags, I am not putting make up unless it's needed, I am contented with any cologne and I am just going to parlor to have my hair cut and have a pedicure. I actually don't want to have a pedicure since I noticed some discoloration of my toenails. I didn't know it was a mild nail fungus when the podiatrist told me. She said I have to take care of my nails before it affect my toes and have a toenail fungus. Since then, I started visiting the parlor every after two weeks. If I didn't started taking care of my nails, I am sure be needing a nail fungus treatment now. My mom has this kind of nails now, for how many years that she's been washing clothes for other people, she got this fungal infection already. I don't know if toe fungus treatment or toenail fungus treatment is still effective to her. I admire my mom for being so hard working. She even forgottten herself just to take care of us four. Since I became a mom of my two kids and a wife to my loving husband, I always wanted to be presentable. I always wanted to be beautiful that is why I started doing things to make myself more beautiful. My mom can't do those things for herself that time because when my father died, she's the only one providing our

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Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Hi! Nakakatuwa naman ang story mo. And you have posted nice pictures here, too. Can we exchange links?