Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Show and Tell : #1Why does Mom and Dad need to Work?

I was talking to my daughter awhile ago before I received Lynne's invitation for her new meme..."Friday Show and Tell : Parents Edition". I told her about my first ever sale for the year in real estate. I told her that were blessed because God had given us a another blessing! While I was saying this to her, she was seriously looking at me, she's listening and then came near me and said "mommy hug tayo.../mommy let's have a hug". I was touched. I didn't expect she will understand what I am saying at her very young age. She's only three but she already understands what I am telling her. I asked her again another question, " do you know why mom and dad needs to work?", and she replied " You and dad needs to work so that eEhan (her baby brother) and I could have a new flute, pink for me and blue for him, a new books, a new toy, and a lot of milk". I smiled and said "very good!" then kissed her.


Lynne Campbell said...

That is so sweet, they are so smart. I want a hug too. lol :)

Thanks so much for posting on my new meme...I am so excited to have you visit and participate with us.

God Bless your family,

sweetytots said...

aw... sometimes we under estimate what they can understan.. and most of the time they over compensate on what we really need... a simple hug means so much more..