Friday, February 20, 2009

Freebies from Sweetytots-Booksale!

I think I have collected all of Sweetytots-Booksale's Pop up Books! I have ordered so many books already and I think I am addicted collecting them all especially when you have FREEBIES!!!!! I have lots of freebies and i love freebies from Sweetytots-Booksale! I do have 2 coloring and tracing books which I have seen for the first time. I also got free pop up book already! Recently I got another freebies, a lot of freebies that made my daughter Ishi so busy! I received another coloring and tracing book, a crayons, a story book and a sketch pad with I dunno how to call the other freebie, the one used for tracing. Whatever, all I know is my daughter really enjoying them! If you want to get these FREEBIES, place your order now coz the promo will end on february 28. Leave a comment if you're interested! =)

1 comment:

sweetytots said...

its called stencil Jes. Im glad Ishi liked it.