Monday, February 2, 2009

I got my Prizes from Sweet..Pretty...Naughty Give away!

Do you still remember Architect's last December's Commenting game? Where Sherry and I both winners? Sherry got her $5 prize and I got my precious "dress up bear" last December hehehe =) Other than that we also had this challenge - 100 comment a day until the contest ends and we made it that's why we had our "doubled prize" from "Sweet...Pretty....Naughty...".
Sherry got her another dollar prize already and I got mine last Friday. Instead of money I chose to have books instead of money since Architect let me chose what to have. Look what I've got that made my kids very happy.......

My cousin in-law received this delivery and she asked my son to give it to me....I said "wow dumating na ang books ko", my daughter said "mommy anu yan gifts? Buksan natin?" I replied "yes yan yung books na sinasabi ko", and they hurriedly open it up!

There goes my precious prizes.....5 pop up books that they really love....

and 3 kimpossible activity books!

Look at them, I was really happy to see them so happy with their books. They don't know which one to pick first hehehe =) they love them all, they were so amazed with the books! They loved it!!! Ahahahaha!
I will treasure this prizes because I really did give so much effort on this contest hehehe =)


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Enchie said...

ang dami!!! napapa-wow ako :) your kids will enjoy them :)