Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Having a Hard TIme with HTML code!

I am amazed with some of my co-bloggers who are so creative in their websites. They were putting their own spices in their sites. I envy them because I don't how to do those. I want to ask my hubby who's certified Java Programmer but he's always busy with his stuff! I had a cousin who's not into blogging but knows some of the basics. I asked her to teach me sometime. She said I needed a HTML Editor or Website Builder at home so she can able to teach me create a website. Ohm how I wish I could be able to learn such things now. I really wanted to design my own website too! Most of the bloggers out there knows such things and poor me knows nothing! Well, I know I am not good with these things but I am very willing to learn, especially now that I am into blogging!

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