Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Wrong with PPP?

I am always waiting for an opp to come everyday, I am contented with whatever amount they offer as long as it will not take my whole time hehehhe. I am happy grabbing an opp even it is only for 50 dollar cents. Most of the opps were not priced like that, there were $1, $2 and sometime $5 and up! Not bad coz I am always infront of the computer talking to some clients and instead if wasting my time to nothing if I have no clients, why not grab an opp and write anything about it. This is fun anyways, aside from learning some stuffs, I can be able to earn dollars.
I started grabbing opps last December 31, 2008, that was my first time. Last January 31, I received my payment from PPP to Paypal and still has some peding payments. As of Now I have been paid 25.85 dollars! I am using it for some things like, my kids' toy and books. I do still have pending payments of 42.99 dolars. I am really happy with this kind of part time job hehehhe =) I know this is not that big but, it's not hard to earn either that's why I am still thankful. I know some of you out there were earning bigger than this compared to me having only a PR2. I am just happy to share that I am enjoying what i am doing. But I am so devastated lately. I don't know If you are experiencing this coz I became a victim for so many times now. Imagine, I am so excited everyday waiting for an opp but whenever I grab a white (opportunity available to you) or a green (featured opportunity is available to you) one, all I get is this "Sorry, you do not meet the opportunity requirements"! What the heck is happening? This is very disappointing! How come its has to appear in white or green code if I can't grab it? I hope they will fix it soon! I wanna earn more that's why I keep on trying to grab more opp, but if this thing keeps on happening how can I able to grab more? =( Any bloggers who are experiencing this?


Enchie said...

uy, thanks sa opps update sa YM. K.O ako kasi kaya late na ako nakagising. At nakakalito talaga ang opps. Minsan yung Opps naka puti--meaning available, pero once you click it, lalabas na hindi pala.

ezekiel13 said...

hi jes, thanks for the visit and comment. Parang mas mahirap kung sa in-laws ah, pero mas maraming support unlike us, kaming mag-asawa lang ang nagtutulungan.. may question ako d2 sa entry mo, ano yung opps? paano yan ha.. hehe.. kikita ka rin sa dneero, try mo dun sa site ko mag-answer ng survey, then at the end you need to sign-up for them.. kumita na ako ng kahit papaano dun e.. sasagot ka lang ng surveys then post it in your blog.. i'll be your regular visitor.. nice to meet you here.. pls reply naman about opps ha. thanks.

Chris said...

wow :) ako, so far 50 cents pa nga lang :) wala kasing available sa aking opps.... :( whenever i check laging yung mga real estate lang ang avail e