Friday, April 3, 2009

Mommy Moments #13 Ishi's Graduation Day

This is very special moment for my husband and I. It's our first time to experience this event as a parent. Ishi is our first born child, I know she was just "saling pusa" but she really did a good job on her studies. She's already three last November 2008 and we're not expecting too much from her yet, actually we don't plan to enroll her as Kinder I already, we want her to experience real "Nursery" thing. I know the teacher treated her special in her class because she was just saling pusa that's why we want her to start in Nursery again..this time..SERIOUSLY.

Look how excited even her Lola Mama was, she bought a hair extension for Ishi....what a kikay lola. =)

Their Graduation was held in Maxx's Restaurant last March 29 in Malabon. We arrived early that's why we still have time for more picture takings.

Look at our baby go...she's so lovely! She's our very precious gift!

...and here's more picture taking while waiting for the program to start....

and the program begins....Ishi was very excited everytime her name was being called. I think she loves to go to stage. hehehehe =)

This is one of what she was practicing for a week...I love this intermission number...I love seeing Ishi sings and act hehehe she's so cute!

Ishi doesn't like this dance but she danced a little..

we are not expecting another award but when Ishi's name was called for "Silver Medal Award" , stage dad was very excited to bring her daughter in stage...he's the stage dad and I am the paparazzi mom!

This is Ishi's favorite part..she loves this dance and she was also excited because she knows that after this number, she will be able to get her "gift" from mom and dad already. But you know what, maybe because of her excitement she shouted at me saying "naiihi na ako", I said "later you finished your dance first!". She tried dancing again but I can see her legs crossing already kaya I said "come on let's go to the CR, and when we came back the music was over. Good thing I have recorded her dancing "sabay sabay tayo" during practice hehehe =) Dad was disappointed at first because he really wants to see her precious Ishi dance for the first time on the stage like what we used to do before (hubby and I were both school dancers) but ofcourse you know kids...hehehehe we can't really blame them.

this is the moment Ishi was waiting get her "baby Alive Doll"! She waited for almost 2 weeks for this! Congrats baby for your patience! She really deserves it! I am so happy I bought it for her!

Time to celebrate!!!

and another gift Ishi just received from Lola Mama! Look how happy she was...and we were so happy for her, too!


☆Willa☆ said...

wether we admit it or not, mommy is always more excited than the celebrant itself!
Thanks for sharing with us this Special Day!

Beth said...

Hi Jes,
dami naman pics nito, at nagawa mo pang i-scrap, wow!
congrats to the saling pusa ha? isn't she tall for her age? :)

and what a kikay lola she got! ",)

Hazel said...

I can feel your excitement!. Congratulations :)

Enchie said...

Pink na pink! and kudos Mommy, ang ganda ni Ishi :D The hair extension was just right for her.

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Ang daming pictures ni Ishi on her special day. Talagang special moment. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

Upstatemomof3 said...

How sweet!!! Those pictures are darling. I considered using pictures from Big Brother's hockey trophy ceremony but ended up with their baptisms instead. :)

pehpot said...

graduation pala hindi mo man lang kame inimbita LOL

hindi masyadong halata na excited ka sa special day ni Ishi hehe

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Chris said...

wow!! ang galing mo ng gumawa ng digi scrap!! :) how did you do it? photoshop ba?

congratulations sa inyo ha! ishi too, of course!

ang saya ng moment na ito!!!

kakanggata said...

it's nice your daughter is not a shy girl. she looked so relax on stage, pwedeng maging artista :)

happy mommy moments!

mommy jac said...

Hi Jes, thanks for dropping by ang cute ng baby mo and yung graduation toga ng mga kids lovely.You are so artistic and you make this wonderful craft fantastic talaga. I would like to ask "sana" if you want to exlinks?

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

i enjoyed watching your daughter's graduation pix. and ang ganda mo gumawa ng digi srap. what application did u use?

anyways cute naman ng toga nila pink na pink. tos si daddy super duper happy sa mga pix pati na si lola, u naman kinarer ang pagkuha ng pix. hehehe :))

congrats to your little ishi ka age lang pala sila ng baby boy ko.

Happy Mommy Moments :)

Genejosh said...

Wow ang daming pics..her graduation is very exciting for her parents...he..he

Lanie, said...

Wow it is truly very special day for the whole family. Great post for this week theme.
Here's mine too.

Twinkie said...

Woot! Congrats ulit! Cool ng toga ha! Pink! Hehehe!

Anzu's Mum said...

Hi Ate Jes... I remember tuloy my sissy was a saling pusa din before, ngayon di na ata pwedi sa min yun. I love your digi scrap pics, gosh meron pala pink na toga, cute. And also natuwa ako sa lola nya hhihi

Anzu's Mum said...

Mommy Jes, exchange link tayo =) tagal ko na pla bumibisita dito di pa tayo nag eexchange link. Ill add you on my hot mummies links.. ako din ha. Thanks **hugs

RoNa said...

ang cute naman ng little girl mo :) nice pics and syempre more special kasi naka-digiscrap. happy weekend!

Joy0z said...

oh got a lot of happy moments here..great job! Mommy Moments

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow lovely scrapbook pages! Where did you get them can I have too? I want to make my scrapbook too! Then just print them.

I bet you were so proud of your daughters special day! What a milestone!


Sarah said...

wow you've got a lot of pictures and everything is nice talaga.
You are really blessed.
God bless.

Sarah said...

Hope to hear from you again

Jona said...

congratulation to Ishi! and to you mom and dad too. your kid seems really smart and talented.
re:kumon, nag-eenjoy...oo in a sense na marami sya matututunan don. di sya katulad sa preschool na may mga activities like singing, playing, sa kumon as in aral lang talaga. thanks jes!