Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mommy Moments #14 Kids in Costume

Ahhh...I am late! I almost missed this very special moment hehehe =) Nweis here's mine....

You know, I love costumes! I am very active in terms of these kinds of events like birthdays, Halloweens, and any occasion that needs a costume.

This one is my favorite costume of my kids, I designed this one for their cousin's birthday last year at Milky Way Makati. I also made the hair do thing-y! hahahahah! The theme is "Galaxy"....they were "pulis pangkalawakan" ehehehe! If I could only sew costumes, I will be the one making them nalang. (para tipid) Heheheh =)

This is Ishi's first costumes...she was 11 months old when she first joined halloween party...daddy was very excited to buy Ishi a costume, but since she was very small for her age, we end up with the balerina costume which has the smallest size. The other costume was princess Jasmine used in christmas party @ dad's office again. Stage dad is wearing an Alladin costume for their dance number and ofcourse he also wants her daughter to wear the same so we bought Ishi a Princess Jasmine costume. What a daddy! Mas malandi pa sakin!

These costumes were used twice. This was used during Ethan's First Haloween Party at dad's office again and after three months was on his first birthday! I love them! I actually wanna wear that wonderwoman costume too! Heheheheh =)

This is the latest one! This was just last October 2008.
Mickey and minnie was used so many times...first was during Huggies Haloween Party at SM Valenzuela and they both won "Best in Costumes"! Look at us up there. stage mom and dad was so proud! Second they used it in Dad's office halloween party of course! And the third one was last christmas!
Gosh I am so excited for this year's next haloween party! I thought of their costumes already and I was thinking of Tinkerbel for Ishi and Peter Pan for Ethan..what do you think? But I have a problem now coz the tailor just moved to Meycauayan. I can't find her anymore...I love her coz she's really good in making costumes with very affordable price =( I wish I could find where she lives now or at least find someone like her to make costumes for my kids.
Anyway, I am very happy I catched up with you guys...Enjoy my pics!
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Upstatemomof3 said...

Wow are they cute!! And boy do they get the chance to dress up. Mine do Halloween and that is it. :)

Hazel said...

They look great! The white costume looks interesting to me :) Happy mommy moment!

Anissa said...

The are too cute! Thanks for coming by today!

pehpot said...

anlupet Jes! talagang tinodo ng bongang bongga ang post hihi.. ang cute cute ng mga anak mo :)

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Joy said...

Super dami nito Mommy jes...!!!!!! and mahilig talaga sa costume !!!!! and si fafa Aladdin pa ang dating!!!! sana ikaw din naka costume ha ha ha..
ilove the Wonderwoman,, Ihave to get one for Bianca!!!!

Enjoy talaga ano!!!!!

SASSY MOM said...

Wow! Daming costumes at ang daming parties.

Beth said...

ang cute! gusto ko ung wonderwoman! uy ha? galing mo magdesign nugn pulis pangkalawakan, parang annie and shaider, magagamit mo yan pag nag-aaral na sila, :)

Chris said...

wow... ang daming pictures and costumes! talagang pinaghahandaan ni mommy't daddy and costumes :D

i love the superman and wonder woman costumes.. :D

jeng said...

Wow, it really shows how you like to dress up your kids ; ) I wish I had the talent to make my kid's own costume..hehehe.

sweet_shelo said...

wow, u surely have a lot of costume moments.. Really nice!!!

Jona said...

bonggang-bongga ang mga costume! tlaga naman nagpapasadya pa. i love the pulis pangkalawakan attire best.
ei, buti naman nahanap mo yung post ko hehe wrong link pala un sowy po.
ok yun tinkerbelle and peter pan. sarap nila bihisan no, magastos nga lang.

Dhemz said...

oh how lovely....what a pretty costumes...thanks for sharing Mommy Jes....your kids looks adorable!

thanks for the visit and for coming by on my page...hope to see you around...ingat!

Enchie said...

Hi Jes! Its been a long time...Ganda naman ni wonderwoman. One of my favorite heroes. And my son and I would also enjoy joining my husband's office parties. And MOA is a good location for the kids. Love going there lalo na sa bay area.

Twinkie said...

La ako masabi Jes! Galing ah! Pati si Carlos game na game. Ang sarap bihisan ng mga anak mo. :)

Online Mommy said...

galing mami.. kahit 11 months pa lang sya parang natural na natural hehe.

naku, uu sayang nga.. ganu naman po ka-affordable ung costumes? ^^v