Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Bonding

Last night we went to MOA, and for the record, it's our first time to go out with my in-laws alone (what i mean is without any other relative with us). It's just me, hubby, the kids and them. We have dinner and the kids rode some kiddie rides inside the mall. After that we stayed outside the mall, there's a park outside where my kids can play around. They really enjoyed that night. They we're so hyper, I don't know where they are getting their energy. When we're about to go home I thought they'll be sleeping in the car already but their not, they played until we got home! What an energy! Anyway, good thing they didn't sleep in the car coz if they do, they might be up till dawn! I am very contented to see my kids so happy this past few days. We bonded so much! Hubby had his vacation since Monday untill Holy Friday from his office, we stayed at home during Holy thursday and went swimming on Holy Friday. Rest again last Black Saturday and MOA yesterday, Easter Sunday! What a week! I love it! I hope we could do it forever even when we are already old. That's why we need to stay healthy and strong in the future so we could still dance with them, go to the park with them, run with our grandchildren with them.

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sweet_shelo said...

That's nice to hear that u were bonding with ur grannies.. You are so true that we need to stay healthy to be able to bond with out grand children someday.

btw sis, na link na kita. check out your two urls at "everyday visited links in my sidebar andun ka..