Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking for A Good Website Hosting

Our future website for House Finder Philippines is still in the husband is so busy with his work. After work, he still wants to spent his few minutes with the kids. And during weekends, he still has something to do before he spent sometime with our website. That's why I am thinking if I should hire somebody who could finished it and have it hosted already. Posting free ads in some sites is no longer effective. I am not sure if that was just happening to me and not to any other people posting there. I have been looking for affordable yet effective website hosting. There are lots of referrals but I am not really sure how to choose a good one. I should know first some things I have to consider. Well ofcourse I want a webhost that can assure our products exposure. I am not actually aware of some things that a website host can able to do with websites, that's why I really need to research more about it before I decide.

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earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Jes, it took me a couple of months of introspection before I finally jump and move to a paid web host and so far so good I am happy.

You've seen my new home naman diba. I suggest you take Moms Hosting ayus na ayus very helpful pa si Ruby :0